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Instruction from the Director General of Intellectual Property, Dr. Freddy Harris, ACCS

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Jakarta, 21 November 2017, Dr. Freddy Harris, ACCS., Director of Intellectual Property, gave instruction to 137 (a hundred and thirty seven) structural officials and spesific functional officials in the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) and was accompanied by Danan Purnomo, the Secretary of Directorate General of Intellectual Property, Erni Widhyastari the Director of Copyright and Industrial Design, Molan Karim Tarigan, the Director of IP Cooperation and Empowerment and Razilu, the Director of Information Technology at the auditorium of DGIP.

In his instruction, he explained the working programs of DGIP at phase 1:

  1. Striving to be The best IP Office;in the world, within 4 years;
  1. “Restructuring the organization of DGIP” to maximize public services;
  1. All certificates (Patent, Trademark and Industrial Design) issued by DGIP and notice of Copyright recordation will be digitally signed (digital signature) by the Director General of Intellectual Property using barcode security system and certificate security from the State Cryptography Agency as of 3 January 2018;
  1. “Rearranging the workspace at DGIP to create comfortable and decent working environment;
  1. “Conducting studies to improve employee’s welfare in preparing their retirement”;
  1. “Adding the types of Non-Tax State Revenue of DGIP” to provide better services.
  1. “ Set the Registration of (one) Geographical Indication and Making Inventory of Communal Intellectual Property” as the target performance of the Legal Affairs Division of Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Furthermore, Freddy Harris asked for support, commitment and responsibilities of all of employees so that the working programs can run as expected.