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Commemoration of the Birth of Pancasila for Unifying Indonesia

 1 Juni 2019 Peringatan Kelahiran Pancasila untuk Persatu Bangsa Indonesia 1   1 Juni 2019 Peringatan Kelahiran Pancasila untuk Persatu Bangsa Indonesia 2   


In the commemoration of the Birth of Pancasila on June 1st 2019 within the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Head of Law and Human Rights Human Resources Development Agency, Mardjoeki, delivered a speech from the Head of Pancasila Ideology Development Agency, Hariyono. 

In the speech, Hariyono invited all Indonesian to remember the birth of Pancasila as the foundation of the country as well as unifying the nation.

"Pancasila as our country foundation, ideology and nation view designed by our founders is an incomparable gift from God Almighty for the Indonesian,” Mardjoeki said at Red Square, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, South Jakarta. 

"Though we, as a nation, have not yet completely succeeded in realizing the values of Pancasila, we admit that the existence of Indonesia as a nation and as a country can still survive due to the Pancasila,”he continued.

Therefore, the Pancasila taken from the values of the nation must be practiced in a pure heart and daily activities.

In addition, Mardjoeki said that this commemoration was closely related to the establishment of Jakarta Charter on June 22, 1945 and also the inclusion of Pancasila on August 18, 1945. Remembering the history, now is the time for Pancasila which brings the country’s vision, mission and hopes to be carried out and secured simultaneously and continuously.

"We must continually make Pancasila a way of life that brings happiness for all of us. We are Indonesia, We are Pancasila,” he ended it.

The ceremony of the Birth of Pancasila this year was commemorated by all civil servants across nation in the end of Ramadhan approcahing  Eid which is expected to fall on June 5, 2019.