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DG Rings Alarm Bell for Spreading Hoaxes Related to Covid 19

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Jakarta – Director General of Intellectual Property, Freddy Harris gave direction on the effort of preventing the Covid 19 infection within the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on Monday, March 16, 2020. Freddy strictly forbad all employees to spread fake and unclear news causing panic to the community.

“I urge all of you not to spread hoaxes. I will impose punishment for those who did.” he said in Oemar Seno Adji Hall.

Moreover, the DG prohibited sick employee from coming to the office. He suggested employees who felt unwell to stay at home, taking a rest for a while as to prevent the virus transmission.

“Those who feel sick, please do not come to the office, get rest, drink enough water and maintain your health condition. Contact the Head of Personnel Division and convey the reason for the illness and your allowance won’t get cut. Use it wisely otherwise I will impose a disciplinary sanction,” he continued.

Furthermore, the DG also urged to postpone official trip both domestic and abroad. Employees were also asked to reduce activities involving large number of people both inside and outside the office for the next 30 days.

Employees were also not permitted to bring their children to the office. Every employees are to maintain cleanliness and discipline in work.

“For officers serving services to public, especially staffs at counters are advised to use mask to anticipate virus from being transmitted. Information and customer service direct interaction.” he added.

There are 117 confirmed cases of Covid 19 have been reported in Indonesia as of March 15, 2020. Eight patients are discharged from hospital while five other died. Government has declared that health becomes the main priority.