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DGIP Invites Exporters to Use Madrid System

13 Juni 2019 DJKI Mengajak Para Penggiat Eksportir Usaha untuk Memanfaatkan Sistem Madrid 2


Bandung-Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP), Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MLHR) in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Japan Patent Office (JPO) organized Roving Seminar on “Enhancing Understanding on the Madrid System Utilization for International Registration of Trademark” in Prime Park Hotel, Thursday (13/06/19).

The Seminar was opened by Fathlurachman, Director of Trademark and Geographical Indications who representing Director General of Intellectual Property. The event was participated by related institutions from Regional Officers of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of West Java Province, the Office of Industry and Trade of Bandung, and entrepreneurs who have registered their trademark having potential to be exported.

Madrid System is not replacing the substance of national trademark legal system but it is an alternative of administrative procedure and eases the owner of trademark to register their trademark overseas. This system is provided under Government Regulation Number 22 of 2018 on the International Application for Registration of Trademark based on Madrid Protocol.

Another mission of Madrid System is to facilitate trademark owners to get the global protection of their trademark. Besides, this system aimed to simplify the trademark registration process to many countries using one application in one language, one currency and one procedure.

 13 Juni 2019 DJKI Mengajak Para Penggiat Eksportir Usaha untuk Memanfaatkan Sistem Madrid 1   13 Juni 2019 DJKI Mengajak Para Penggiat Eksportir Usaha untuk Memanfaatkan Sistem Madrid 3   

“Madrid System offers convenience to the trademark owners to get protection of their trademark in many countries by filing one application and one procedure in trademark owner country of origin to designated countries through WIPO as International Bureau” said Fathlurachman on his speech.

The seminar invited Irnie Mela Yusnita, Agung Indriyanto, and Normansyah as speakers from Directorate of Trademark and Geographical Indication. The speakers explained information on the Madrid System and its easiness offered. It is from the terms and procedures of International Registration of Trademark to management after the international application for registration.

The seminar also invited M. Handi Amijaya, representative from PT. Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri as speaker who has used Madrid System. He shared his experiences to the participants. PT Eigerindo had 54-registered international trademark and 35 trademarks still on the process.