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DGIP Provides Technical Assistance in Drafting Patent Documents in Surabaya

DGIP Provides Relief Aids For Flood Victims


Surabaya – Aiming to increase the number of domestic patent application, Directorate of Patent, Layout Design of Integrated Circuit and Trade Secret of Directorate General of Intellectual Property provided technical assistance for inventors whose application will go through substantive examination. This two-days Workshop on Improving Patent Substantive Completion with Universities, R&D Institutions and Business People took place in East Java Regional Office, from 11 to 12 March 2020. The purpose of this activity is to minimize errors in patent document to be submitted. Therefore, it has more opportunity to be granted a patent. This activity is in line with DGIP goal to increase domestic patent, especially from lectures and university students in Indonesia. As we know that university has enormous potential of creativity as well as innovation and intellectual work created by involving university is considered as national assets and should be appreciated. DGIP realizes that patent applications in Indonesia are dominated by foreign applications while the number of domestic one are still low. Assisted by senior patent examiners, inventors are expected to be able to draft appropriate patent document according to applicable format and avoid from being rejected.