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Director General of IP: Practicing Health Protocol to Adapt with New Normal is a Must

protokol kesehatan

The pandemic of Covid-19 is not over until the vaccine for the virus is found. New Normal is a way to adapt with new habits and practices in running daily activities. The same practice is going to be implemented in the work environment of Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLHR).

Director General of Intellectual Property (DG Freddy) explained that in running his activities, each employee must practice health protocol set out by the government.

“So we are going to practice health protocol such as washing hands, using mask, washing faces, physical distancing, and keeping the environment clean,” said Freddy Harris in his directions related to the application of new normal in DGIP through video conference, Tuesday (23/6/2020).

In practicing the new normal, DGIP establishes a Task Force of Covid-19 to organize the work management, such as prohibition for 50 year old employee or older to work at the office, arrangement for employees below 45 year old to work in shift, and conducting health control proactively.

On the same occasion, DG Freddy also gave appreciation to DGIP officials creating the innovation of virtual counter (Lokvit) as a solution to provide services to the public amid the pandemic.

“Our fellow officials have an initiative to create an innovation called Lokvit (virtual counter 2020). While all other counters are closed, we remain open to serve the public and it proved to help patent applicants (intellectual property applicants). Because of Lokvit the number of IP applications increases as well as the state revenues,” explained Freddy Harris.