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Formulating IP Dissemination Standards


Bandung - Directorate of Cooperation and Empowerment of Intellectual Property, Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP), Ministry of Law and Human Rights, held a three-day- event on the Formulation of Intellectual Property Dissemination Standards in Sandalwood Boutique Hotel.

This event aims to prepare guidelines for effective dissemination of intellectual property information to the public. It is important since people’s awareness on the importance of intellectual property protection remains relatively low.

According to Ms. Evi Trisulo, an Analyst from the State Administration Agency as one of the speaker in that event, every institution needs to carry out dissemination in order to spread information to public.

“Information conveyed by DGIP must be appropriately selected according to the target audience, such as research community, industrial sector and business”, said Evi in her presentation on Thursday (12/3/2020)