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South-East Asian IP Offices to Integrate Trademark and Industrial Design Data into Global Database



Switzerland - The Intellectual Property (IP) Offices of Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and Lao PDR are to integrate their trademark and industrial design data into the global trademark and design search databases, TMview and Designview.

The databases have been developed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), in conjunction with European and international partners.

At the meeting in Geneva today, the directors-general and other senior officials from the South-East Asian IP offices held discussions on how to further extend state of the art of the databases to ASEAN Member State IP Offices during a forum with EUIPO Representatives, which was organised in the framework of the EU-funded IP Key South-East Asia programme.

The Director General of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) of Indonesia, Freddy Harris, commented, “The addition of the Indonesian data further consolidates the usefulness of the TMview and Designview databases, making them the resource for IP rights holders and IP practitioners,” said Freddy Harris in a written statement, Friday (28/9/2018).

For information, TMview currently contains over 50 million trademarks from 67 IP offices around the world, while Designview contains approximately 14 million designs from 67 participating offices.

Both multilingual databases are free to use, accessible online and available 24/7. They allow users to search for trademarks and designs in each of the registers of the participating offices.

Director General of the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) of Lao PDR, Khanlasy Keobounphanh, said, “The integration of the local databases into these international platforms will make the data easily accessible to both domestic and international stakeholders.”

“Being part of the global TMview and Designview databases will raise the intellectual property of Lao PDR in the international IP community,” said Khanlasy.

The Director General of the Brunei Intellectual Property Office (BruIPO), Shahrinah Yusof Khan, also acknowledged the significance of joining TMview and Designview.

“The inclusion of the trademarks and industrial designs data of Brunei Darussalam will allow our IP office to have a wider reach in terms of making available updated and accurate information on trademarks and designs protected in our country,” said Yusof Khan.

EUIPO Acting Executive Director, Christian Archambeau, said: “The meeting today continues the European Union commitment to support our partners in South-East Asia in building stronger intellectual property protections and services.”