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Director of Copyright and Industrial Design Urged the Employee of MoLHR to Obey Covid-19 Health Protocol

Draft berita apel sore 17 Juli 2020

Jakarta – Director of Copyright and Industrial Design, Agustinus Pardede, led MoLHR afternoon ceremony at the court attended by MoLHR employees by applying Social Distancing, Friday (17/7/2020).

In the ceremony, he urged that during the second Large-Scale Social Restrictions(PSBB) we should obey and follow the Health Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) for Covid-19 prevention by wearing masks, washing hands, and practicing physical distancing.

“I urge all of you to only leave house when necessary, during weekend. However, it will be better to stay at home during this Covid-19 pandemic,” he stated.

Furthermore, before closing the ceremony, Agus Pardede asked the employee to shut down all electrical equipment that are not being used for a long time to save the energy and avoid unwanted incidents.

“Hopefully, when we meet next Monday, everyone will be healthy and be able to work as we used to be,” he added to close his speech this afternoon.

Yasonna Laoly: IT Eases IP Registration and Reduces Illegal Levy

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Jakarta, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna H. Laoly emphasized the importance of Information technology utilization in public services especially in the field of Intellectual Property (IP). Yasonna said that digitalization will ease Small and Medium Enterprises to file their IP registration so the number of application will be increased.

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DG : Stay Productive! Work From Anywhere!

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Jakarta - The Director-General of Intellectual Property, Freddy Harris, said that he gave a big push for all examiners of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP), Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLHR) to work from anywhere and anytime. It was DGIP’s new spirit on welcoming the Corruption-free Zone/Clean Serving Bureaucracy Zone (WBK/WBBM) especially after going through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Pandemic Does Not Affect the Increased Application of IP

Jakarta - In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesian government strives to keep the economic sector strong. Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights has relied on the digital system to be able to continue serving the public in order to increase the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) while reducing the practice of illegal levies. 

DGIP, having implemented online IP registration since August 17, 2019, has recorded a higher number of applications for IP this semester compared to the first semester of 2019. This increase occurred in a crisis situation of the Corona virus pandemic.

“This is clearly a positive effect of the online IP application. IP application actually increased after getting hit by the pandemic," said Director General of Intellectual Property, Freddy Harris on Wednesday (7/7).

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Discussing SMEs’s Trademarks Director of Trademark and Geographical Indication welcomed the Assistant to Deputy for Standardization and Certification

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Director of Trademark and Geographical Indication, Nofli, S.Sos., S.H., M.Si. welcomed Assistant to Deputy for Standard and Certificate of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Siti Darmawasita, S.T., M.Si. on Thursday, 2 July 2020 at DGIP Building. The meeting was held to discuss about registration of trademarks filed by SMEs and trademark certificates to receive.