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Marketing expert is to place at IP Center of Universities to Commercialize Invention

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Director General of Intellectual Property, Freddy Harris said that intellectual property rights (IPR) was always related to economy since the basic right of patent, trademark, copyright, and industrial design was economic rights. Therefore, IPR is to be protected by registering the works to intellectual property office.

In his speech on the ceremonial signing event of cooperation agreement between Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) and Esa Unggul University regarding the protection and utilization of intellectual property (IP) in DGIP Hall, on Wednesday, 24 June 2020, Freddy also said that research for invention must be based on the patentability. It means that the research must be novel or an improvement of prior art.

“So far, our research is not based on novelties, but based on invention to invention.” He said. Moreover, he further explained that each works or invention must be beneficial to others and have commercial value. However, each invention usually has problems in its marketing.

“The perk of being an inventor is making an invention, but inventor is not an expert of marketing. So, for almost dozen of years we always say, if a university establish an IP center the aim is to sell, to promote, etc.” He explained.

However, the challenge encountered by IP Centers so far, is the absence of a marketing specialist.

On the same occasion, DJKI also gave six simple patent certificates to five lecturers from Esa Unggul University.

“For us, this moment is a booster for other lecturers that gaining a patent is possible and we can get it.” said Esa Unggul University Rector, Arief Kusuma Among Praja.