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Minister of Law and Human Rights Emphasizes the Development of Digital Bureaucracy to its Staff Member

30 Oktober 2019 Upacara HDKD 2019 rev

Jakarta – Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLH) expected to continue to take advantage of technological developments in supporting rapid digital bureaucracy and not merely procedures. It was said by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLH) Yasonna H. Laoly in his opening ceremony of Dharma Karyadhika Day (HDKD) year 2019 at Red Square, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Wednesday (10/30/2019). “In the year 2019, MoLH really wants to ensure that there are significant changes, meaningful and dignity transformation, and felt by the community,” said Yasonna H. Laoly. He asked all human resources within MoLH to transform with technology advances and not being technology illiterate. “If we are not able to adapt, then we will become a slow bureaucracy like a snail,” he continues. Yasonna H. Laoly also conveyed the President's message that in the future it is not a big country that defeats a small country, but a fast country that will defeat a slow country.