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National CMO Discussed on Royalty Distribution for Music and Songs

19 Juli 2019 LMKN Bahas Regulasi Pendistribusian Royalti Musik dan Lagu 1

National Collective Management Organization (National CMO) discussed on the regulation on the royalty distribution for music and songs in a seminar held in Mercure Hotel Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan, Friday (19/7/2019)

Head of National CMO, Yurod Saleh said that this forum was an important moment to support music industry in Indonesia. However, the improvement of music industry cannot be reach only by few people, so representatives from Collective Management Organization (CMO) in Indonesia have to give input and ideas on the formulation of regulation.

“We are very concern on how a songwriter is in difficulties. We are here to fight for it. It is also for related rights, but this cannot be done by only few people,” said Yurod on his speech.

19 Juli 2019 LMKN Bahas Regulasi Pendistribusian Royalti Musik dan Lagu 2   19 Juli 2019 LMKN Bahas Regulasi Pendistribusian Royalti Musik dan Lagu 3   

Although in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 34 of 2018, National CMO is the only organization authorized to collect and distribute royalties, Yurod said that he need cooperation with other CMOs. The technical provision on cooperation between National CMO and CMOs would be discussed on this seminar.

Furthermore, Head of Sub directorate of Legal Affairs, Directorate of Copyright and Industrial Design, Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP), Agung Damarsasongko said that National CMO and CMOs in Indonesia can learn from experiences of Escritorio Central de Arredacao e Distribuicao (ECAD) as a royalty collecting and distributing organization in Brazil and SUISSA, royalty collecting and distributing organization in Switzerland which its officials came as speakers at this seminar.

 “We expect that we can learn as much as possible and produce something that can be a reference in the collecting and distributing of royalties, so this will also improve the music industry in Indonesia.’ said Agung on the same occasion.

This seminar was participated by 50 participants consist of musicians, CMOs, Commissioners of National CMO, and representatives from DGIP.