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National CMO Held Meeting with CMOs

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The National Collective Management Organization (National CMO) held a meeting with several Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) of song and music on Thursday, July 2, 2020, at Ali Said Meeting Room, Ex-Sentra Mulia Building, MoLHR.

The meeting was held to discuss the budget planning for royalties and fees collection as well as to establish the structure of the Coordinating Implementation of Royalty Collection and Distribution (KP3R).

In his remarks, the Deputy Chairman of National CMO as well as the Director of Copyright and Industrial Design, Agustinus Pardede, S.H. reminded National CMO’s role as an a non-profit institution authorized by the creators, copyright holders, and/or related rights owners to manage their economic rights in the form of royalties collection and distribution.

Agustinus hoped that this would become an intensive, effective, and efficient forum to reach meeting objectives.

The Chairperson of National CMO, Brigadier General (Ret.) Yurod Saleh, S.H., M.H. were confessing his contentment in the opening of the meeting because National CMO and CMOs could stand together with one vision to promote the Indonesia music industry.

Also attending the meeting were representatives from several CMOs such as Wahana Musik Indonesia (WAMI), Royalti Anugerah Indonesia (RAI), Karya Cipta Indonesia (KCI), Anugerah Royalti Dangdut Indonesia (ARDI), Sentra Lisensi Musik Indonesia (SELMI), Star Music Indonesia (SMI), Perlindungan Hak Penyanyi dan Pemusik Rekaman Indonesia (PAPPRI), and Anugerah Musik Indonesia (ARMINDO).