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Presenting Certificate of Copyright for “Benteng NKRI” to Ministry of Home Affairs, DGIP Hopes Others

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Jakarta – Directorate of Copyright and Industrial Design for the first time presented a Certificate of Registration of Copyright for drawings and comic works for the character of Satria Bela Negara “Benteng NKRI” to the Ministry of Home Affairs represented by the Director for Ideology and Nationality Concept of Directorate General of General Politic and Government of Ministry of Home Affairs (BIKWK), Dr. Prabawa Eka Soesanta, S.Sos,. M.Si at the Meeting Room of Directorate of Copyright and Industrial Design, DGIP Building – Jakarta (30/06/2020)

Director of Copyright and Industrial Design, Agustinus Pardede, SH, said that comic works is a type of intellectual property works that was illegible for 50 year protection for legal entity/government agencies.

“We are incredibly pleased to collaborate with Directorate BIKWK which is one of government agency that has registered its works. Hopefully in the near future, more agencies are encouraged to register their intellectual properties to DGIP”, said Agustinus Pardede in his speech.

Besides presenting certificate of registration, DGIP and Directorate BIKWK also had a discussion on the Protection and Utilization of Intellectual Property. Next, according to Prabawa, Directorate BIKWK is going to register other works such as a March of Home Affairs and Abdi Praja Hymn.

“Todays, Intellectual Property Rights are significantly crucial since political sovereignty, self-reliance economy, and civilized personality cannot be achieved without upholding Intellectual Property Rights,” explained Prabawa.

At the same time, Prabawa also hoped that this would inspire others in the Ministry of Home Affairs, or other agencies in the regional government to register their intellectual properties to DGIP. He also gave appreciation to DGIP for its speedy and easy service from filing application to issuance of copyright certificate.

Directorate of BIKWK received two copyright certificates for Drawings of superhero character “ SATRIA BELA NEGARA” under the Application Number EC00202184 and Comic of Satria Bela Negara in defending the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia from Threat, Challenges, Obstacles, and Disturbance (AHTG) under the Application Number EC00202020185.

Officials from Directorate of Copyright and Industrial Design also attended the event including Deputy Director for Legal Affairs and CMO, Head of CMO Section, Andri Anggoro, SH, MH, Deputy Director for Application and Publication, Ir. Polman Marpaung, Head of Legal Opinion and Litigation, Ahmad Rifadi, SH, M.Si., and Deputy Director for Industrial Design Examination, Anton, E. Wardhana, S.Kom, M.Si.