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Procedures/ flowchart of Industrial Design

Application for Registration of Industrial Design

  1. Application for Registration of Industrial Design is filed by filling in the provided form in Bahasa Indonesia dan typed tripple fold.
  2. Applicants shall furnish:
    1. date, months, and year of Application form;
    2. name, full address, and nationality of Designer;
    3. name, full address, and nationality of Applicats;
    4. name and full address of Proxy if Application is filed by Proxy; and
    5. country and the filing date of original application, where the application is filed with Priority Rights.
  3. Application signed by Applicants or Proxy must be furnished with:
    1. physical specimen or drawings or photographs and description of the Industrial Design being applied for application (to ease the application publication process, it is suggested that the drawings or photographs are scan-able, or given in a disk or floppy disk with compatible program);
    2. special power of attorney, where the application is filed by a Proxy;
    3. statement of ownership of Industrial Design by Applicant or Designer.
  4. In the event of Application filed by collective Applicants, the Application is signed by one of the Applicants and furnished by written approval from the rest of the Applicants.
  5. In the event of the Application is filed by who is not the Designer, Application must be accompanied by affidavit and sufficient proof to acknowledge that the Applicant has the right for the relevant Industrial Design.
  6. Pay for the prescribed application fee with the amount of Rp 300,000.00 for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Rp 600,000.00 for non SMEs for each application.