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Technical Training for Archivists of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

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Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) Ministry of Law and Human Rights held a-4 day Technical Training for Appraisal Team of Archivist at Novotel Hotel Tangerang.

Archive or document management in a government institution should not be underrated. It needs to be appropriately managed by archivist.

According to the Secretary of Directorate General of Intelellectual Property (Secretary of DGIP), R. Natanegara, archieving is important as evidence of activities and policies that are accountable.

“Archieving is sigificant in documentation,” said R. Natanegara in his opening speech, Monday (1/10/2018).

This training was organized to add insight and knowledge to the appraisal team to enable them making evaluation on activities carried out by archivists and consideration for development of state civil apparatus (ASN).

An archivist needs to process and present the archive into information, especially by utilizing technology to support its management.